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Five ways to increase your testosterone naturally

Testosterone is a hormone that has a large number of functions in the body, such as increasing bone mineral density, developing the proper sexual function, or increasing muscle tissue.

The problem is that today many of the bad habits that we have been adopting have caused the testosterone levels of many men (and also, those of many women) to drop, leading to metabolic problems. Although the ideal would be for a professional to assess your personal case, you may consider putting these five guidelines into practice if your intention is to increase your testosterone levels.

Try to reduce your stress

Stress is one of our greatest enemies if we want to keep our testosterone levels high, since undergoing stress increases our cortisol, and with this decreases testosterone.

In addition, cortisol can increase our visceral fat (which can compromise the function of many organs) among other negative effects. Coping with stress can be a good way to get your hormones back in order.

Pay attention to zinc and vitamin D

Athletes with low levels of zinc and vitamin D have been seen on many occasions to increase their testosterone levels by supplementing with these two micronutrients.

In any case, keep in mind that if you are not deficient in zinc or vitamin D, it is most likely that you will not benefit from consuming foods or supplements rich in them.

Get enough sleep and sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as your own diet and training, and in fact, it is not only important that you get enough sleep, it is also important that you do it well.

It is convenient that you sleep at least seven hours a day, in addition to that it can be very positive that you eliminate all sources of light a few hours before going to sleep and that you keep your room at a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees.

Beware of caloric deficits

If you intend to lose fat it is essential that you are creating a caloric deficit in your diet , but if this deficit is too long or too aggressive, the negative effects on your health will be many and very marked.

In fact, in this situation it is normal for our body to compromise reproductive function, thus reducing testosterone levels.

A caloric deficit of 20 or even up to 25% (of our maintenance calories) at most in cases of very marked overweight or even obesity is enough to promote this fat loss.

Train at high intensity

High-intensity exercise, and strength training, in particular, is one of the best things we can do if we want to increase our testosterone.

In fact, in obese men, evidence suggests that increased physical activity is even better for raising testosterone than a diet focused on weight loss.

In particular, multi-joint exercises such as the bench press, chin-up, squat, or deadlift can also be positive when it comes to testosterone levels, but remember to also get enough rest to compensate for the high intensity.

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