10 benefits of celery for the body

The celery is one of the vegetables that bring more benefits to the metabolism of the human body. In fact, historically it has been considered a very medicinal agricultural product. So much so that since Charlemagne’s time it has been used as infusions.

Today, celery is a natural product that is grown throughout the planet, despite the fact that it is edible that is native to southern Europe. In the scientific world, its name is “Apium graveolens” and currently its greatest consumption is made in salads.

On this occasion, you are going to know some of the keys and tricks that define celery. That way you will have extra reasons to implement its consumption to favor your body and your health :

Contributes to digestion

According to a study carried out at the University of Chicago, the greatest contribution of celery is that its consumption enhances the production of gastric juices, as well as that of saliva. Therefore, if you decide to eat it in your salads or drink it in infusions, digestion and the movement of the intestinal tract will be more effective.

Celery also, among other tricks, is the one that has high levels of fiber. And at the same time, it works as a laxative that clears constipation.

Promotes blood circulation

Another of the great tricks that celery hides is that it has another compound called butyl-phthalide, which is in charge of muscle relaxation. For the same reason, if you have consumed celery, it is normal that your body is relaxed and that there is better blood circulation.

In addition, this compound helps the arteries do their job well, stimulating your metabolism and keeping your health in balance.

Vitamin A

Celery has huge amounts of what the vitamin. If you consume celery daily, you are providing more than 10% of what doctors advise you to consume daily. Remember that vitamin A, apart from being another anticancer, also helps your skin have excellent health.


Another benefit that the consumption of celery offers to the body is that it is an excellent diuretic. That is, it is a great stimulant of urine production. This is very important for the health of the body, as it allows the kidneys to stay clean, preventing fluid retention.

The diuretic effect of celery is largely due to its potassium and sodium levels, as well as Selene and limonene.

If you consume celery frequently, you have a lower risk of developing gallbladder stone problems. This is due to the high diuretic level that celery has and its ability to fight against toxins in the body.


It is a perfect ally to face inflammations. For example, if you have had an injury, the effects of celery will help reduce the inflammation. It is a good option for other inflammatory problems such as bronchitis or asthma.


Another of the tricks of celery, for the health of the body, is that it is an agricultural product with high levels of vitamins B1, B2, and B16. In addition, apart from being made up of 3% calcium, it has high levels of phosphorus, silicon, zinc, and magnesium.

Helps eradicate cancer

Limonene is one of the most powerful components of celery. This compound is really useful to keep the liver and stomach in perfect condition. It has been proven that the consumption of celery prevents the development of diseases such as breast and pancreatic cancer, among others.

Attacks cholesterol

On the other hand, it has been possible to identify that the stalks of the same celery represent the area richest in nutrients that attacks bad cholesterol. This is also due to the effect of

butylphthalide. So if you want your cholesterol levels to remain balanced. Then do not forget to integrate the consumption of celery for the health of your body.


Apart from working as an excellent aphrodisiac, given its high levels of androsterone and androstenol, celery has arginine, which represents an amino acid capable of promoting flow in blood vessels, as well as their dilation. Therefore, celery is used as one of the tricks to promote erections.

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