10 yoga tips

Keep these 10 yoga tips in mind before you start doing

There are many people who have fallen into the nets of yoga, taking advantage of the multiple benefits, both for our body and for our mind, of this ancient discipline. Of course, before launching ourselves to practice yoga, we must take into account a series of aspects, to get the most out of it. This is confirmed by Cayetana Rodenas, a yoga teacher trained in Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga, and Yoga for children, who has not hesitated to compile what are, for her, the basic yoga tips and recommendations so that you can make the most of each of your yoga sessions. Performing this activity correctly without causing any physical and emotional problems.

Measure The Effortstart

yoga tips before you start

Yes, it is not a matter of ending up exhausted session after session, as the expert explains. We seek well-being, not to end up exhausted. He even recommends following the scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the easiest and 10 the most difficult and points out that each asana you perform does not have to reach a 10. Everything, of course, will depend on your body and your daily routine, you can get to 7, 8, or even less. You must listen to the signals that your body sends and follow the rhythm little by little.

Consider The Weather

The ambient temperature or the existing humidity also influences when practicing yoga tips. For this reason, the expert recommends not practicing yoga in adverse weather conditions, unless it is a specific yoga style where the temperature is extreme, very high, or very low, but keep in mind that, in that specific case, always It should be done under professional supervision and in good physical condition. It is essential if you want to avoid possible problems.

Breathing Is Essential

You have to be especially careful with breathing, as it is one of the basic pillars, and plays a fundamental role in the practice of yoga tips. The instructor details that what we must do is breathe normally (in a normal way respecting our rhythm, without holding our breath or hyperventilating excessively) unless special instructions are given.

Before Or After Eating?

As Cayetana Ródenas recommends, it is not a good idea to schedule your daily yoga session right after eating. You wouldn’t take advantage of it as much and, what’s more, it might not even come in handy. For this reason, he explains that you have to wait at least 2-3 hours for the food to settle and your stomach to be empty. Then yes, it will be time to place your mat on the floor and get down to work with the asanas.

For When You’re Tired

This is closely related to the first tip. And you don’t have to practice yoga when you’re exhausted. “Many people take the practice of yoga as something light, which is not true. Some yoga tips can make you sweat a lot, and even involve overexertion”, says the yoga expert. And it is that there are very demanding yoga asanas, which require effort and discipline to be performed. Therefore, it is better not to do yoga when you are especially tired.

In Expert Hands

Looking for a guide is essential. “This is not a rule but a guideline. It is much more advisable not to practice yoga alone. It is better to find a partner and practice under the supervision of an expert”, comments the expert. Who adds that the mere fact of reading, watching a video. And practicing can cause pulls or discomfort in the muscles, due to not practicing correctly. So if you’re doing an advanced pose for the first time, it’s best to ask someone for help.

Avoid Tight Clothes

You have to choose well the clothes with which you are going to do yoga. In fact, there are many fashion lines designed precisely for the practice of this discipline. As they fit perfectly and, above all, they are comfortable. And it is necessary to flee, above all, from excessively tight clothing. It is convenient that you leave aside the shoes and the clothes that are too fair while you practice yoga. The reason? Squeezing your upper back a bit can restrict movement of your rib cage and lung, which can lead to incomplete breathing.

A Shower Later

And once your session is over, you will undoubtedly feel like new if you take a shower. As recommended by the instructor, who points out that it is a good option to take a shower after a workout in which you may have sweated. Of course, she warns that you do not have to shower immediately. As soon as you finish, it is a better alternative to let the body dry normally before heading to the bathroom.

What If You Have The Rule?

In the case of menstruation, you also have to take some consideration into account before starting to do yoga, as the instructor details. Thus, she recommends not doing especially “feet up” postures (so-called inverted asanas) during menstruation. It’s much better to try simpler relaxation and breathing postures while you’re on your period.

And After Yoga?

You finish your yoga session and you wonder if it is a good idea to complement it with another type of sports practice, with a yoga post-training, to maximize results. The truth is that if you practice yoga, you know that once the session is over. Your body is left relaxed and with a feeling of well-being. Therefore, it is suggested not to do any high-intensity training sessions after yoga. The training should be done before the yoga class with good planning.


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