Importance of hair care

Tips for men’s hair care: 10 tips

Hair care is just as important as care for any other part of the body. In fact, hair is one of the attributes that stands out the most and can tell the most about a person’s personality, and it is always important to know how to take advantage of all the opportunities that your body offers to express your personality. To take care of men’s hair, you must have an adequate hair hygiene routine, use products according to your hair type, and take into account the 10 basic tips that we will explain later.

The importance of proper hair hygiene

Hair care tips

A proper hygiene routine is the first step in caring for your hair. And as we have mentioned before, the first thing is to know what type of hair is yours; oily, dry, with dandruff… Each of them requires specific care.

For example, dry hair with dandruff requires active substances such as zinc pyrithione, which reduce its formation. While oily hair requires products without silicones and with surfactants that clean and degrease the scalp. However, oily hair is also influenced by aspects such as diet and genetics.

On the other hand, for an adequate hygiene routine, there are several essential products and actions. The first one, the conditioner, and shampoo, always takes into account the state of your hair as well as its shape (curly, straight, wavy). Regarding long hair, the ideal is also to use a hair treatment at least once a week to take care of the ends and not let them break.

Another key aspect is the beard, which basically becomes the complement of the hair. Good hair together with a well-groomed beard can further enhance what you want to convey about your personality, especially depending on the type of beard. The beard needs separate care, with a mild shampoo and a special oil that moisturizes the area.

10 basic hair care tips for men

Beyond daily hygiene, there are also certain actions to avoid or encourage to protect your scalp and the condition of your hair. From HTI Clinic we give you these 10 main tips that help keep your hair in good condition:

Avoid too hot water

Avoid high temperatures both when taking a shower and drying your hair. In fact, when it comes to drying your hair, it is always better to use the cold air of the dryer or even do it with a towel.

Choose a high-protein diet

Meat is one of the main sources of protein, and by properly choosing the type of meat and its quality, you can help your hair not weaken and look better.

The yeast can prevent the fall

Sometimes hair loss is due to a lack of nutrients or stress. There are supplements and foods rich in yeast that can treat this problem unless it is due to genetic causes.

Wash your hair daily properly

We live in a world with pollution, environments full of contamination, and smoke such as tobacco, which dirty the hair daily. Therefore, it is best to maintain that daily routine that we mentioned earlier.

Use conditioner properly

Continuing with the previous point, you should wash your hair daily and with a type of shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type, without abusing it. The conditioner should be applied two to three times a week.

Excessive scratching is harmful

Using your fingernails or sharp objects to scratch your scalp can damage both your hair and your scalp, so it’s best to avoid these actions.

Avoid gel, wax, or foam

It is not harmful to use these products on some occasions, but they should not be abused and above all, do not apply them to the root zone.

Use sunscreen for your hair

The sun’s rays also affect the condition of your scalp, and can even cause burns, something that also affects the condition of your hair. There are special sunscreens that protect against this, especially for hair care during the summer.

Capillary massage stimulates blood flow

Hair massage helps stimulate blood circulation, something that can stop hair loss when it occurs due to stress.

See a dermatologist or a doctor specializing in hair medicine

Whenever you notice a change in your hair, whether it is loss of hair density or hair loss, it is best to see a specialist as soon as possible.


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