Ideas to follow the nutritional diet

Ideas to follow the nutritional diet

The nutritional diet, as we explained in a recent topic in which we delved into it, is a concept created by Dr. Joel Furhman, father of this eating plan that is very similar to our Mediterranean diet.

As you can read in his books and on his official website, and as you can also see in the photographs of him that run on the net, vegetable products are the real protagonists of the nutritional diet. If you follow it you will consume many pieces of whole fruit, vegetables, and legumes, in addition to whole grains, seeds such as flax and nuts, especially walnuts.

In addition, you will greatly limit the consumption of meat, especially the red, and eggs will not have much prominence, which does have them in the Mediterranean diet, so this is one of the differences between the two. Added sugars, sweeteners, and products ultra-processed, in general, are directly off the radar of the nutritional diet.

Both, both our Mediterranean diet such as the plan proposed by Dr. Furhman are healthy and recommended because they advocate acquiring healthy eating habits, moving away from miracle diets. With them, you can lose weight, but the most important thing is that your health will be more protected.

Although on the official website of the nutritional diet you have many recipes so that you know how to eat if you follow it, we detail below a daily menu as an example following its guidelines. As you will see, Dr. Furhman only proposes three meals a day, another difference with our diet, which recommends including a couple of small snack-type meals at mid-morning and mid-afternoon.


Porridgeoatmeal with blueberries, apples, and walnuts: hydrate the flaked oats the day before with water (in the fridge) and in the morning do the same in a saucepan with a vegetable drink or milk. Add grated or small cubed apple, a pinch of cinnamon, and before serving, flax seeds and blueberries. If you like them, also a handful of walnuts.


Green salad mixed with orange and sesame dressing. The ingredients can be adapted to your taste as long as the priority is vegetables, both fruits, and vegetables: avocado, onion, tomato, corn, asparagus, etc. You can also add a handful of nuts and don’t miss the seeds, in this case, sesame, to vary from breakfast.

Quick kale and white bean soup: it is a variation of the stew in a vegan key. In fact, you can also change the cabbage for spinach, and keep the cod, because fish is not prohibited in the nutritional diet. If you keep the recipe vegan, it is essential to use a good crushed tomato, spices to taste and add vegetables such as red pepper and onion. It is also essential that the vegetable broth is rich and healthy.

Season’s fruit


Raw vegetables, lightly toasted whole wheat pita, and hummus of black beans. You can prepare a variety of the most classic hummus, with chickpeas and sesame, or also try alternatives such as the delicious beet and mint hummus. You have recipes for all of them on the net. Also, if you don’t like crudités, you can opt for roasted vegetables.

Broad beans with shitake mushrooms and broccoli. Sautéing a broad bean with mushrooms in the same pot is always a good idea. They are delicious with ham and eggs, but in the nutritious diet plant elements are a priority, so you can give the dish a twist by adding a few broccoli bouquets. The poached egg, in any case, tops the plate, so it may be the exception of the week for food that is limited, not prohibited, by this diet.

Yogurt with fruit to taste. Or seeds or a handful of nuts or whole grains. There is also nothing wrong with taking the yogurt alone.

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