Peg Wheelie Your BMX Bike Basic Guideline

How to Peg Wheelie Your BMX Bike Basic Guideline

Today I’m going to teach you how to do a peg wheelie in a simple way. Many riders want to know how they can do it. So, here we are going to give you some basic and advanced tips to make things easy.

Peg wheelie is literally the first back wheel trick. You’re going to learn. It is a pretty easy trick, or you just have to practice it and you’ll do your own in it and no time.

First Things to Follow

So, the first thing you’re going to want to figure out is which foot is your most dominant for a good way of doing that is to get someone to push you and whichever fault you put forward first, that’s your dominant foot.

At first, you need to look up the left foot and then check the right foot. There we go and firstly check left foot for the peg and right foot is for your balance.

So as with all flatland tricks, you want to learn how to walk into it and grow it first, then it’s important to find your balance point before you learn how to ride in or right out of the tree.

So, you just start off in a standard position and just push yourself off and you’re at fault.

Put down and keep doing it until you find that sweet spot. So, you’re going to want to start out rolling at a moderate speed. So, here if you engage with an adult BMX bike process is the same.

You can pump it and If you want to get more speed. The next step is to pull with your arms just a little bit. Don’t pull too much and shift most of your weight back.

So, it looks like this how’s it going? See your violence with your leg reason? Why is one of your legs just hanging? Is to help you balance any trait that all four of your limbs are on the bike.

Second Things to Follow

It’s going to be really hard to balance. So, it’s just easier with the one foot off. What do you want to use it? Pull up at first, don’t depend on your arms. Try to use your body weight to kick it off as a quick process.

Nothing do you want to use? It’s to help you get the bike off. You don’t want to depend on your arms to balance and there is also you need to save yourself from bike injuries.

You want to shift your weight back and then use your leg. The way I learned this trick is you literally done it everywhere I went. So, if you’re just cycling around town that you’re cycling to escape.

If you’re just cycling to school or work, or you may do try it on you are like, it’s really hard to hurt yourself from it. Most of that’ll happen. If you bail, is you land on your feet that’s all no damage done to you though.

Even kick that up so nicely, what can also happen is because, on your, one of your feet is on the bike. The bike can go a bit to the side, then you just let go of it and you’d be fine.

The bike might be a bit scratched. Well, you can always pay it now to ride out for a peg weenie is the easiest thing.

Third Things to Know

You just need to let your buyers down a step on the pedals and like the pathway. You can also be great because it can lead to a lot of different variations that can lead to a lot of different tricks, such as the long-span time machine learning how to do turbines as well, which you can check out the how-to Don on that trick right here.

I’m just going to show you a few variations that can deal with the peg wheelie. Peg wheelie skill is not so easy to acquire. You need regular practice to do it easily.

I’m going to get my friend, Jay who’s filming from you today to try the trick. See if I’m a good teaser.

Too big for this point and this is about six foot five and my bike is a flatland bike. So, it’s ridiculously small, as you can see, the size difference is quite big.

Now shift your weight back and pull a tiny bit with your arms and like that. So, you were going a bit to the site there.

So, what you want to do is bend one of your items. So, it kind of counters that bend your left arm and keep your right arm straight.

Now that was nice and so easy to do as you can see, it is a pretty easy trick. Are you getting used to it after maybe five or six drawers?  There you go and that’s the show.

That was nice and see, usually, if you can’t do that trick, you have to practice for at least a couple of days to get as far as he got in a couple of tries and it’s all about fair play.


In this article, I try hard to give you a better explanation of BMX bike flatland tricks. I hope this article helps you and gets you started in flatland.

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