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9 key tips to always staying in shape

Staying in shape is not complicated. The difficult thing is to abandon bad habits and change our routine to prioritize our health. This means stopping eating unhealthy foods, dedicating a few minutes to physical activity. And leaving behind any elements that may break an optimal system.

This time we decided to list a few basic tips that show that it is not too difficult to get used to exercising (and that you do not need to do much to stay in shape or see results ). In the same way, they will serve to see exercise not as something impossible to follow, but as something accessible that we can integrate into our daily lives.

Don’t Get Off To A Full Start

Imagine that you are looking for a routine to lose weight, but it requires high-intensity movements for long periods. It is hardly going to be achieved, and failing will only make you feel unmotivated and think that you can’t do it. Try starting with light versions of the routines or with fewer repetitions so you don’t strain your body too much and get used to it.

Don’t Aim So High

Continuing with the previous idea, perhaps we can think that we want to lose a large amount of weight in a short time. It is possible, but it is better if we work on short goals to focus on immediate work. In this way, we are finding motivation step by step. If you want to lose 10Kg, first focus on the first kilo and keep setting goals until you reach the end.

Don’t See Exercise As Work

Or else it will feel that way, and it’s easy to give up something you don’t like. Although, of course, we must do it to achieve our goals. It is better if we focus on the positive aspects that it can give us. Such as the fact that it gives us more energy, makes us feel better about our body.  And will eventually help us to keep staying in shape. or lose weight. In the same way, it can help to socialize with other people (and when you can, do not leave out the races).

Nor do we say that you have to fall in love with it, but see it as an activity that can bring some benefits.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Men are often uncomfortable asking for advice or help from other people in the gym. But if you get the chance, go for it. Many will be open to telling you about their methods and you might find routines or exercises that go more with you.

Just Walk

walking for staying in shape

Walking is one of the best exercises we can do and integrating it into daily life can do a lot for us to keep us fit. In fact, if we are in shape and do not want to gain weight (while we have a balanced diet). It can be the simplest and most ideal exercise. Low-intensity aerobic is important to maintain good health.

Don’t Neglect Your Diet

It is a classic to have the idea that if you exercise “you can afford” eating things that we would not consider healthy. However, if we really want changes after several weeks in the Gym, it is necessary to change our diet, particularly if we want to lose weight.

And while the idea of ​​following some recommended diets may be irresistible. There is nothing better than a nutritionist who can help create a plan based on your needs and your body. Likewise, some trainers specialize in diet too, so you can find a good one and make sure you see results.

Find A Time Plan

Many times we do not exercise because we think we do not have time. Between the office and perhaps some household or family chores. We may not see a place for ourselves and spend time exercising. Although it can be difficult, creating a plan and prioritizing exercise as a base habit in our routine can help. Maybe you have to risk something like waking up a little earlier, however, if we consider the benefits, we will know that it is a priority.

It’s not about obsessing over or leaving other parts of your life either, but if you can find at least 30 minutes a day, you will have a breakthrough.

Don’t Think You Have To Go To A Gym

In addition to the above, although the gym is ideal for some, exercising at home can be effective. Similarly, to keep always staying in shape without gaining muscle, a home routine is enough to stay healthy.

Don’t Stick With A Routine If It Doesn’t Work

If a routine promised results in a month and you can’t see it, think about what you can change. It may be a food issue, but if you think you can handle more or need other exercises. Feel free to change it. Even if you have a coach, you can tell him that you don’t feel comfortable. And that you require something different.


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