Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life.


Action is the foundational key to all success.


You can become strong and powerful.


The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.

Greatest wealth is health.

what they say

Health Knowledge

The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.


Oral hygiene from pregnancy: what are the most common risks

As pregnancy progresses, there is a greater propensity to suffer alterations that affect oral health. A risk that requires extreme precautions in this regard. During those months, different changes occur that can deteriorate the state of the teeth and gums. And generate complications that, if not corrected in time, can cause irreversible damage.

Tips for men’s hair care: 10 tips

Hair care is just as important as care for any other part of the body. In fact, hair is one of the attributes that stands out the most and can tell the most about a person’s personality, and it is always important to know how to take advantage of all the opportunities that your body offers to express your personality. To take care of men’s hair, you must have an adequate hair hygiene routine, use products according to your hair type, and take into account the 10 basic tips that we will explain later.

Eleven foods to regulate blood sugar

For people with prediabetes, diabetes, or another condition that can affect blood sugar. Diet is an important factor to regulate blood sugar levels.

While factors like body weight, activity, stress, and genetics also play a role in maintaining blood sugar levels. Following a healthy diet is critical to blood sugar control.

Advantages and disadvantages of fast food

Due to how busy modern lifestyles are in the developed world. Many families find themselves taking a trip to their favorite fast food restaurant more often than they’d like to admit. According to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 45% of a family’s food budget goes to eating out. In 1977, that rate was just 38%. That means the average household spends more than $6,000 per year just to eat out.

Blog of 5 tips on how to care for the elderly

Would you like to know  5 tips on how to care for the elderly? If you direct your professional career to care for the elderly, you will want to know 5 tips on how to care for the elderly. Throughout this post, we are going to see fundamental notions for the care of our elderly. Sometimes, there are people who cannot take care of their family, specifically the care of the elderly.

Complete oil guide: which one to choose and how to use it

We need a complete oil guide. There are many types of oil that we can use in the kitchen. Each type of preparation requires a different one. Can you tell which one is the most suitable?

Today we have many types of vegetable oils and fats that we can use in the kitchen. In any supermarket we find varieties of olive, sunflower, peanut, corn and seed oils, and normal or enriched vegetable margarine, but which one to choose and why?

I explain the essential ones, the less essential ones, and the uses you can give them.

Olive Oil

Oil guide we should follow

I put it first because it is the basic in my kitchen, the one that should never be missing.

Of all the oils they sell, extra virgin olive oil is the only one that is essential for me. With extra virgin olive oil, you can cook anything and season any food raw.

It works just as well for browning vegetables as it does for toast (yes, I make them with olive oil instead of margarine). It’s expensive, I know, but using it well it lasts a long time, it doesn’t go bad quickly, it withstands high temperatures and it’s the healthiest we can use.

Make It Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Refined oils are usually cheaper, but the price difference is not worth it at all. Do not look only at the price, take a good look:

That it be “extra virgin olive oil”, not “refined oil”, “olive oil” or “refined oils and virgin oils”. Extra virgin olive oils have more nutritional properties than refined ones. They are also usually denser and darker in color (regardless of the color of the bottle).

The degrees that often appear consigned refer to the number of fatty acids present. An extra virgin olive oil will have around 3º. The rest, much less.

It is not that refined olive oil is “bad”, it is that the refining process eliminates “the bad” but also “the good”. What remains is an oil that is not of much interest at a culinary or nutritional level.

Take Into Account Its Origin

If you also want to reduce your carbon footprint, see that your oil is produced as close as possible to where you buy it (and if possible also the cultivation of olives).

Many times it is difficult to find a local olive oil, but you can look at agricultural cooperatives in your province and surroundings, surely there is one that produces good oils.

The Variety Of Olives

In supermarket oils, it is often not specified, but if you can choose, choose the oils made with the varieties that you like the most according to the uses that you are going to give them.

For example, the oil of the Hoja Blanca variety is softer, while picual is stronger and more pungent. There are many more varieties, if you take a look at cooperatives you will see that there are many types of olives that give rise to different oils, each one with its characteristic aroma and flavor.

My favorite oils to drink raw (salads, toast, etc.) are the varieties with stronger flavors (picual, cornicabra, and local varieties).

The State Of The Oil And The Expiration Date

Always check that the bottles are not broken, that there are no foreign bodies inside, etc.

When it is very cold you can see some solidification of the oil at the top or at the bottom, but this is normal (it usually happens at home on the coldest days of winter).

Sunflower Oil

I put it in second place because it is the second most common.

One bottle will last you a long time. As it is not the preferred oil for cooking, you should only use it for very specific things. A bottle of sunflower oil can last for many months, just keep it closed in a cool, dry place away from the sun.

Sunflower oil, in general, is cheaper than olive oil, but it does not have the same properties, far from it. It should not be our “off-road” oil, but it can be used for some things.

To Fry

If we are going to make a few batches of fried croquettes or things like that, we can use normal, high oleic, or “special frying” sunflower oil. It has hardly any flavor and is less viscous than olive oil, which is why batter and breadcrumbs are less oily.

Vegetable Mayonnaise

If you have tried to make a vegetable mayonnaise with olive oil you will understand this recommendation. In general, extra virgin olive oils have a very strong flavor for these sauces. Better use high oleic sunflower oil.

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What kind of water to use in the humidifier?

Humidifiers are commonly used in homes to remove dryness from the air. By controlling and improving indoor air quality. The best filterless humidifier helps prevent problems such as skin irritation, respiratory disorders, winter allergies, and many other similar issues. Suppose they are not used properly. They can cause a variety of other health problems instead of solving them. It’s the water we use in our humidifier making a difference.

It is the water used in the humidifier tank. The one that turns into mist and comes into contact with our external skin. The airways and lungs provide relief. The higher the quality of the water. We will obtain better results. For this reason, it is important to take care of the quality of the water that we use in our humidifiers.

What water to use in the humidifier?

The quality of water used in a humidifier plays an important role in providing clean, moist air for breathing. Therefore, it is important that the water you use in your humidifier is always filtered or distilled. Avoid using plain tap water.

Distilled water is often recommended by most humidifier manufacturers and is considered the best water to use in a humidifying device. Your regular water supply may contain minerals.

Bacteria and other harmful viruses can be dangerous to your body when in contact with humidification. All of these items must be thrown out of the hard water before it is used in the humidifier. This can easily be done by distilling or purifying the water at home.

How to make distilled water for a humidifier?

It is clear from the above discussion that the use of hard or saltwater in humidifiers should be strictly avoided. To be safer. You should always use filtered water. Purified or distilled in the unit. As such. There are many ways to make pure distilled water (from regular tap water) for your humidifier. You may also like to read, what is an ultrasonic humidifier?

So instead of worrying about where to buy distilled water for a humidifier. Why not try these methods at home and get pure distilled water for your humidifying machine quickly?

In case you are eager to know how to make distilled water for your humidifier by yourself (DIY plan). Here are some easy tips:

It is a process in which water is boiled above the boiling point, which is converted into the form of steam. Then the same water vapor is condensed and collected in another container to obtain pure water.

During this process. Impurities (if any). They will be left in the first container in which the water has been boiled. Even so. Some impurities could be present in this distilled water which can be removed by the double distillation method.

The water produced as a result of double distillation will be much better for use in humidifiers than that produced by a single distillation process.

Demineralized water

Demineralized water is a special form of purified water from which most minerals and salt ions are removed. In this process, the ionized particles are exchanged to form water. The cation and anion of water exchange with OH (hydroxide) and H (hydrogen), which when fused become water (H2O).

But in this case. The ionized impurities are removed and the bound particles (and also biological impurities) remain in the water. To get rid of her again. This water has to go through a demineralization process and the resulting water will be double deionized water.

Reverse Osmosis System

In this method, the semi-permeable membrane is used to remove larger particles and impurities from the water during the process. It ensures that the solute does not pass through the membrane and that the solvent only passes through it.

The use of a reverse osmosis system at home is one of the most effective processes by which we can obtain pure filtered and distilled water for the humidifier device in the end. The same reason to buy a humidifying machine will be in vain if you use tap water in your unit.

It is always better to use pure distilled water to enjoy the maximum benefits of your humidifier for a long time.

How to make distilled water at home without a distiller

To make some distilled water at home. You just need a pot and some ice. With this method. Boil some water in a pot, then place a glass lid upside down on top of the pot.

Put ice on the lid so that when the boiling water creates steam, it rises and later condenses, when I hit the glass at the top. The water that goes back into the bowl would be distilled water.

Can I use boiled water in the humidifier?

Hot boiled water and distilled water are two different forms and should not be confused with each other. Distilled water does not have any impurities present in it. So it doesn’t leave any dust or salt in a humidifier tank to be cleaned.

On the other hand. Boiling tap water concentrates impurities without removing them. Therefore it is not an ideal option for your humidifier.

Therefore. You may have many minerals and impurities present that can remain (as mineral build-up) in the humidifier machine and should be cleaned after each use.

Can you use bottled water in a humidifier?

At times when there is no distilled water around and you are unsure of the quality of water, you are getting from your supply. It’s good to consider putting bottled water in your humidifier.

Bottled water from most reputable brands is much better compared to tap water. But nevertheless. They are only recommended when you do not have the option of obtaining purified distilled water.

The fact that you should consider here. It is that these bottled water bottles are not 100% free of minerals and inorganic elements.

There are many brands that claim that their bottled water is filled from natural spring and other underground sources – there are still traces of minerals found in said water.

Using that bottled water in a humidifier can cause scale buildup on your device and release minerals into the atmosphere. Although drinking this bottled water does not cause any harm to the body. It is NOT the best type of water for your humidifier.

How much water should I put in a humidifier?

The amount of water used by your humidifying device will generally depend on the type of product you are using. If you use a portable size humidifier for your room. You can have a capacity between 100 and 1000 ml. The bigger the tank. Longer will be the service time.

Therefore, you may have to put the amount of water according to the capacity of your tank and the output time. If you are using a whole house furnace humidifier. You can use between 5.5 liters and 45 liters per day.

The good thing is that the amount of water you put in your humidifier is enough to raise the humidity levels. But it doesn’t make a significant difference to your water bill.

Why does the water in my humidifier turn black?

The most common reason for water turning black is in a humidifier. It is the low-quality water that is used in it. This is generally the case with desktop humidifiers that use tap water in their reservoir tank.

As mentioned earlier, using tap water in a humidifier can leave colored mineral deposits in the humidifier tank as the water molecules evaporate.

These particles are the contaminants that are usually present in tap water or hard water that comes directly from your supply. The best solution to avoid these deposits in the humidifier water is to use demineralized water.

One more time. Distilled water is considered the best water for the humidifier. Since it does not contain any mineral by-products. As it is free of all kinds of minerals. It does not leave black deposits behind when it goes to the humidifier tank.

Keep these 10 yoga tips in mind before you start doing

There are many people who have fallen into the nets of yoga, taking advantage of the multiple benefits, both for our body and for our mind, of this ancient discipline. Of course, before launching ourselves to practice yoga, we must take into account a series of aspects, to get the most out of it. This is confirmed by Cayetana Rodenas, a yoga teacher trained in Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga, and Yoga for children, who has not hesitated to compile what are, for her, the basic yoga tips and recommendations so that you can make the most of each of your yoga sessions. Performing this activity correctly without causing any physical and emotional problems.

Measure The Effortstart

yoga tips before you start

Yes, it is not a matter of ending up exhausted session after session, as the expert explains. We seek well-being, not to end up exhausted. He even recommends following the scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the easiest and 10 the most difficult and points out that each asana you perform does not have to reach a 10. Everything, of course, will depend on your body and your daily routine, you can get to 7, 8, or even less. You must listen to the signals that your body sends and follow the rhythm little by little.

Consider The Weather

The ambient temperature or the existing humidity also influences when practicing yoga tips. For this reason, the expert recommends not practicing yoga in adverse weather conditions, unless it is a specific yoga style where the temperature is extreme, very high, or very low, but keep in mind that, in that specific case, always It should be done under professional supervision and in good physical condition. It is essential if you want to avoid possible problems.

Breathing Is Essential

You have to be especially careful with breathing, as it is one of the basic pillars, and plays a fundamental role in the practice of yoga tips. The instructor details that what we must do is breathe normally (in a normal way respecting our rhythm, without holding our breath or hyperventilating excessively) unless special instructions are given.

Before Or After Eating?

As Cayetana Ródenas recommends, it is not a good idea to schedule your daily yoga session right after eating. You wouldn’t take advantage of it as much and, what’s more, it might not even come in handy. For this reason, he explains that you have to wait at least 2-3 hours for the food to settle and your stomach to be empty. Then yes, it will be time to place your mat on the floor and get down to work with the asanas.

For When You’re Tired

This is closely related to the first tip. And you don’t have to practice yoga when you’re exhausted. “Many people take the practice of yoga as something light, which is not true. Some yoga tips can make you sweat a lot, and even involve overexertion”, says the yoga expert. And it is that there are very demanding yoga asanas, which require effort and discipline to be performed. Therefore, it is better not to do yoga when you are especially tired.

In Expert Hands

Looking for a guide is essential. “This is not a rule but a guideline. It is much more advisable not to practice yoga alone. It is better to find a partner and practice under the supervision of an expert”, comments the expert. Who adds that the mere fact of reading, watching a video. And practicing can cause pulls or discomfort in the muscles, due to not practicing correctly. So if you’re doing an advanced pose for the first time, it’s best to ask someone for help.

Avoid Tight Clothes

You have to choose well the clothes with which you are going to do yoga. In fact, there are many fashion lines designed precisely for the practice of this discipline. As they fit perfectly and, above all, they are comfortable. And it is necessary to flee, above all, from excessively tight clothing. It is convenient that you leave aside the shoes and the clothes that are too fair while you practice yoga. The reason? Squeezing your upper back a bit can restrict movement of your rib cage and lung, which can lead to incomplete breathing.

A Shower Later

And once your session is over, you will undoubtedly feel like new if you take a shower. As recommended by the instructor, who points out that it is a good option to take a shower after a workout in which you may have sweated. Of course, she warns that you do not have to shower immediately. As soon as you finish, it is a better alternative to let the body dry normally before heading to the bathroom.

What If You Have The Rule?

In the case of menstruation, you also have to take some consideration into account before starting to do yoga, as the instructor details. Thus, she recommends not doing especially “feet up” postures (so-called inverted asanas) during menstruation. It’s much better to try simpler relaxation and breathing postures while you’re on your period.

And After Yoga?

You finish your yoga session and you wonder if it is a good idea to complement it with another type of sports practice, with a yoga post-training, to maximize results. The truth is that if you practice yoga, you know that once the session is over. Your body is left relaxed and with a feeling of well-being. Therefore, it is suggested not to do any high-intensity training sessions after yoga. The training should be done before the yoga class with good planning.


What is an ultrasonic humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier is a device that uses ultrasonic vibrations to create water mist to improve the air quality of a room. It was invented by Hungarian engineer dezsö szabó, who had been experimenting with sound waves for many years before making his invention. Ultrasonic devices are not yet available on the market. However, their development continues and they are expected to become increasingly popular in the coming years. You can check out the dry eyes humidifier.

What is an ultrasonic humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier is essentially a display that creates dry air through strong vibrations. This machine has its own “Ultrasonic sound generator.” these machines generally feature two screens and one button: the first with an icon indicating how long you can use your device, other information about water treatment, and instructions for using it. You also need to read this user manual before starting up the device before proceeding further into daily usage from the interface.

Ultrasonics is the sound waves with a frequency between 19 kHz and 100,000 kHz (at 35°f [2.56°c]) and produce heat when moving towards the source of their oscillation through air molecules they encounter in their way while reaching frequencies lower than 20,000 Hz can create resonances that sustain themselves because of various heating effects from impacts on surfaces as well as indirect heating and other environmental factors.

To give you an idea, ultrasonic sound waves cannot be heard by humans but are produced through various vibration equipment for commercial purposes where the vibrations induced by these long-wave sounds (those with frequencies above 20 kHz) align themselves to transducers and create high-frequency noise when passing nonlinear materials like glass or plastic yielding large amounts of heat beyond ambient temperature as well as heating them versus lower frequency mechanical vibrations in accordance to maxwell’s equations for every point.

Features of ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifiers are sold in various qualities and models:

– Different sized water tanks – cleaning cartridges provide instructions for replacement or cleaning as well as filtering any obstructions. Ultrasonics can be used to induce sound waves of the desired frequency, thus creating sound through air molecules that resonate until they reach 40 kHz (which is the point at which they slow down significantly), generating heat while maintaining potentially harmfulness mechanical vibrations.

– Some models of ultrasonic humidifiers can make noises like a chime or alarm, such as the whistler ultrasonic humidifier that allows for human interaction and control when preset so you can customize the timer mist duration, adjust flow indication, turn it on/off with touch sensor controls along with many other options.

– Other models are remotely controlled or use independent timers to help regulate mist production by preventing the high overall amount of power consumption that can occur when the filaments heat up.

– Some models will not only cool your home and bedroom by adding a refreshing mist but also purify the air that is delivered inside of your house, eliminating the chances of people breathing in harmful toxins.

– No water necessary! Ultrasonic humidifiers are usually low-water users, which can save on plumbing costs since high pressure would require gallons to be used daily. In contrast, it may need no more than 2 liters for each day for carbonated evaporators or ultrasonic humidifiers.

– Energy-efficient in that they utilize anywhere from 30%~50% less energy compared to chemical heat and cold methods, which is good according to the EPA & U.S department of energy.

– Less hardware, no filters, and maintenance! Unlike other types, these machines do not require filters such as cotton, silver, or ionic to protect them. Additionally, they are not noisy (generally speaking), which is a major concern for homeowners that have plenty of family members who may like to sleep in the same room with it being awakened by its hums.

– No maintenance cost! There’s no visible water needed since these machines work on ultrasonic principles rather than chemical alternatives as depicted above and do not dissipate damage and work s for a long time.

How does an ultrasonic humidifier work?

Ultrasonic humidifiers utilize a very low frequency that can penetrate any object. Different types of filters are used depending on the unit. They provide various functions such as filtering dust, oils, and debris from water molecules to maintain cleanliness in your home, thus minimizing mold growth inside or out without having to replace them frequently.

A lower frequency carries sound waves all around it in the air creating a vibration. When this gets interrupted across another material, it will create a back and forth vibration pattern, which is beneficial for humidification. The thermal bubbles or disc of water or other types are produced by heat transference within the blower unit that throughout the air stream directly above it where they remain suspended over great lengths of time, continuing to move against resistance on its progress while pushing the humidity into your home.

Should you choose an ultrasonic humidifier for your home?

Suppose you’re looking for a quality humidifier that’s reliable, efficient, and has fewer maintenance needs as compared to its chemical counterparts. In that case, an ultrasonic unit is for sure something worth considering. Humidifiers work best when placed somewhere dry away from heat sources like direct sunlight and may not operate very well on low humidity levels; ultrasonic units can function at lower temperatures, making them more user-friendly since they don’t have to be mercilessly hot to function efficiently.

Additionally, ultrasonic units have traditionally been known for lasting much longer than their chemical counterparts. A good one will only be broken down after years of continuous usage, not weeks or months like traditional models sometimes can. The frequency utilized by most low-cost humidifiers doesn’t get the job done very well because it’s too weak, especially if you’re looking at individual rooms in your own home.


The ultrasonic humidifier is a very interesting and useful product. It is the most comfortable way to make your home environment more pleasant. It can humidify air without creating water droplets or fog, which are common problems with other devices. Ultrasonic humidifiers also have a wide range of features, such as an automatic timer, sleep mode, and so on. Some important things you should know about ultrasonic humidifiers are that they are small in size and don’t require electricity for operation. To know more please visit probaby.

Seven health tips to improve your quality of life

Rest, health, quality of life, fraternal hugs … These are aspects that are now valued more, because if 2020 taught us something. It was the importance of reaching a balance in our lives, especially with everything that has to be done. do with personal well-being.

According to Dr. Ximena Góngora, clinical psychologist and Mindfulness consultant, well-being goes far beyond sleeping and eating correctly, this concept refers to being well in the different dimensions that make up the human being.

Health tips for life

Well-being, key in these times

Do you feel like you don’t know how to handle difficult times that come your way or that at work you are no longer as productive? Psychological well-being is very important, as it helps the individual develop skills that allow them to cope with everyday situations such as solving difficulties in a more accurate way, controlling stress, managing uncertainty, among others.

When was the last time you enjoyed a leisurely shower or lived a day disconnected from work matters? Regarding World Wellness Day (Global Wellness Day), which this year focuses on the protection of mental health, we share 7 health tips to well-being that you can apply in your day today. Take note!

Stay in touch with nature

health tips be with nature

Whenever you can, take the opportunity to go for a walk, take a nap on the grass or just walk … Being in contact with nature has many benefits, including stimulating creativity, reducing stress, increasing concentration, and strengthening the immune system

Nutrition under control

When it comes to achieving physical and mental well-being, healthy eating is key. According to the specialist Ximena Góngora, it is advisable to consume foods that are rich in tryptophan, Which produces serotonin and allows you to be relaxed and have that feeling of well-being.

Get moving!

Walking with your dog, jogging, dancing… Whatever activity you like the most, try to dedicate a few minutes a day to it. Enjoy this moment without distraction and be mindful of what you are doing. Your body and mind will thank you!

Drink adequate water and take care of health

Do you drink enough water? Doing so has many benefits for your body, including increasing energy, protecting heart health, eliminating toxins and cleansing the kidneys, contributing to healthier and younger skin, among others. Not sure how to include this habit in your day today? Always have a bottle of water on hand, drink a glass half an hour before each meal, and set alarms so you don’t forget this healthy habit.

Build healthy relationships

Even in times of a pandemic, it is important to maintain spaces to reinforce healthy social relationships. For the psychologist Ximena Góngora, who is also part of the network of professionals of the DoctorAkí platform. This point is essential to achieve well-being. How to do it? Use digital tools to recreate new spaces for personal and family interaction such as games, contests, or virtual parties. If you prefer face-to-face meetings, remember the importance of responsibility and self-care.

A good deed

There is nothing that rejoices and fills the heart more than shaking hands with someone in need. Try to do good deeds and they do not necessarily have to be cheap, there are many more ways to do it such as listening, giving advice, sharing your knowledge …

Don’t forget your goals

Order a baby, get to know Europe, buy a car … Thinking and working towards the objectives and goals that are part of your life project will always be a breath of personal well-being and health.

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Tips to get rid of a fall in mountain biking

Whatever sport you do, you will always run the risk of falling. The same thing happens in cycling, no matter what modality you practice. In this article, we will give you some basic tips to reduce the damage of a fall in mountain biking.

Correct the body position

You will avoid putting yourself at risk by taking the correct position while riding the bike up or down. You should try to ensure that the bicycle always has a perpendicular position to the terrain. Remember that it is extremely important to keep both feet/pedals in a horizontal position when descending. This will prevent them from hitting an obstacle in the ground, such as roots and stones.

Check and correct

Our brain registers everything we see while we are rolling. We can correct the bicycle position to avoid a more dangerous fall if we are about to fall or skid. Many times the best solution to correct our posture before a fall is to throw the body and force it in the opposite direction to the one we are about to fall.

If you cannot control the bike, the best option is to find a different exit or fall to reduce the damage. Do not follow the path’s route, since if you go on a slope, the safest thing is that you go straight ahead. It is better to try to find an exit towards the back of the bike or, in some cases, towards the sides of the bike (except when you have a gorge next to you).

Ride on standard place

If you can, try to ride on the standard place. This means that you should keep your weight in the center of the bike and maintain a correct balance between the front and rear wheels. In this way, you will be less likely to lose control when crossing obstacles or when braking. Remember that a correct balance is key to maintaining stability on the bike.

Control the speed

When you are riding downhill, it is very important to control the speed. The best way to do this is by using both brakes (front and rear). If you use only the front brake, you run the risk of skidding and losing control of the bike.

Use your body as a shock absorber

In case of a fall, it is very important to use your body as a shock absorber. When you hit the ground, try to relax and extend your arms and legs. This will help reduce the impact on your body.

Wear the right gear

Wearing the right gear can also help you get rid of a fall in mountain biking. When you wear the right gear, you will prevent or reduce injury to your arms and hands. In addition, it will help protect your knees, elbows, and legs from injuries.

Try to do some exercises for balance

In order to get rid of a fall in mountain biking, you should try to develop a good balance. You can do this by practicing some balance exercises. These exercises will help you keep your balance on the bike, even when you are crossing obstacles or riding in difficult terrain. The mongoose 26 mountain bike is a good option to get rid of a fall in mountain biking.

Learn how to fall correctly

In order to reduce the damage of a fall, it is also important that you know how to fall correctly. You should try to fall on your shoulder and not on your head. In addition, you should try to keep your hands and arms close to your body. This will help reduce the impact of the fall.

Be careful in wet or icy conditions

When the ground is wet or icy, it becomes much more difficult to control the bike. In these conditions, you are much more likely to fall. Remember that it is very important to be extra careful in these conditions and to take it easy when riding your bike.

Avoid distractions

When you are riding your bike, it is important to avoid distractions. This will help you focus on the task at hand and reduce the risk of falling. Distractions can include things such as music, talking on the phone, or eating. Try to avoid these distractions when you are riding your bike in order to reduce the risk of falling.

Let go of the bike

There are some people who will recommend you never let go of the bicycle handlebar since that way. You do not hurt yourself with the handlebar or lever. For us, this is not a good recommendation. If we watch videos of BMX, freestyle, or DH when they fall, the first thing they drop is the bicycle. We believe the same.

The importance of letting go of the bicycle in the event of a fall is that it has a defined trajectory, even in the event of a fall. For example, if you go down a slope and you feel like you’re going to blow your mind, you are more likely to eat dust if you don’t let go of the handlebars. But, if you let go of it in time and throw your body back, the bike will continue its course, and you will save yourself from a serious and dangerous fall.

Think fast and act to avoid a dangerous fall

When we realize that the fall is imminent, we must act. It is not advisable to do anything. We must try to save the fall or at least reduce the damage that we can do when we fall.

The first thing to avoid (although sometimes it is impossible) is to put your hands when falling. Landing with full force directly with your hands is dangerous. Try to land with your feet first. If you can’t and land with your hands, try to bend your elbows, stick your arms to the body and protect your head. As if you rolled into a ball.

Shrink and roll

If the fall is imminent when going down a slope after jumping a drop or ramp, curl your body and roll over your body.

Remember that you carry a force and inertia due to the speed of the bicycle, do not stop completely with your body. Instead, let the inertia flow either by walking or rolling on your body, so you can counteract the more severe blow.

Improve your flexibility

Something that you must exercise and improve is flexibility. For example, we must use our intelligence and flexibility to avoid falling or more severe blows when falling. It is imagining that one is a cat that will always try to land on its feet. This is a powerful defense and we will not even escape falling.

Develop body strength

Another way to avoid falling or reduce the effects of falling is to work on muscle strength. For example, if one has good back muscles, you can fall better and minimize the damage of high falls. The more resistance you have, the less likely it will be for the fall to be more serious.

Avoid falls in downhill

Let’s say that we cannot avoid falling in mountain biking, but we can avoid it and reduce its effects when having fallen. So we should avoid falling downhill because there is no way to stop and minimize injuries. If you go down a slope and feel like you’re going to blow your mind, you are more likely to eat dust if you don’t let go of the handlebars.

In conclusion,

There are some tips to try to avoid falling when you go riding your bike. First, we should always take it easy and be careful with ourselves and the environment. Second, we must always try not to let go of the handlebars as this will help us control our bicycle better and avoid a fall or serious injury. Finally, we should work on our flexibility and strength to help us when we fall. Remember, it is better to prevent a fall than try to fix the damages after!

Tips: How to Peg Wheelie Your BMX Bike Basic Guideline

How to Peg Wheelie Your BMX Bike Basic Guideline

Today I’m going to teach you how to do a peg wheelie in a simple way. Many riders want to know how they can do it. So, here we are going to give you some basic and advanced tips to make things easy.

Peg wheelie is literally the first back wheel trick. You’re going to learn. It is a pretty easy trick, or you just have to practice it and you’ll do your own in it and no time.

First Things to Follow

So, the first thing you’re going to want to figure out is which foot is your most dominant for a good way of doing that is to get someone to push you and whichever fault you put forward first, that’s your dominant foot.

At first, you need to look up the left foot and then check the right foot. There we go and firstly check left foot for the peg and right foot is for your balance.

So as with all flatland tricks, you want to learn how to walk into it and grow it first, then it’s important to find your balance point before you learn how to ride in or right out of the tree.

So, you just start off in a standard position and just push yourself off and you’re at fault.

Put down and keep doing it until you find that sweet spot. So, you’re going to want to start out rolling at a moderate speed. So, here if you engage with an adult BMX bike process is the same.

You can pump it and If you want to get more speed. The next step is to pull with your arms just a little bit. Don’t pull too much and shift most of your weight back.

So, it looks like this how’s it going? See your violence with your leg reason? Why is one of your legs just hanging? Is to help you balance any trait that all four of your limbs are on the bike.

Second Things to Follow

It’s going to be really hard to balance. So, it’s just easier with the one foot off. What do you want to use it? Pull up at first, don’t depend on your arms. Try to use your body weight to kick it off as a quick process.

Nothing do you want to use? It’s to help you get the bike off. You don’t want to depend on your arms to balance and there is also you need to save yourself from bike injuries.

You want to shift your weight back and then use your leg. The way I learned this trick is you literally done it everywhere I went. So, if you’re just cycling around town that you’re cycling to escape.

If you’re just cycling to school or work, or you may do try it on you are like, it’s really hard to hurt yourself from it. Most of that’ll happen. If you bail, is you land on your feet that’s all no damage done to you though.

Even kick that up so nicely, what can also happen is because, on your, one of your feet is on the bike. The bike can go a bit to the side, then you just let go of it and you’d be fine.

The bike might be a bit scratched. Well, you can always pay it now to ride out for a peg weenie is the easiest thing.

Third Things to Know

You just need to let your buyers down a step on the pedals and like the pathway. You can also be great because it can lead to a lot of different variations that can lead to a lot of different tricks, such as the long-span time machine learning how to do turbines as well, which you can check out the how-to Don on that trick right here.

I’m just going to show you a few variations that can deal with the peg wheelie. Peg wheelie skill is not so easy to acquire. You need regular practice to do it easily.

I’m going to get my friend, Jay who’s filming from you today to try the trick. See if I’m a good teaser.

Too big for this point and this is about six foot five and my bike is a flatland bike. So, it’s ridiculously small, as you can see, the size difference is quite big.

Now shift your weight back and pull a tiny bit with your arms and like that. So, you were going a bit to the site there.

So, what you want to do is bend one of your items. So, it kind of counters that bend your left arm and keep your right arm straight.

Now that was nice and so easy to do as you can see, it is a pretty easy trick. Are you getting used to it after maybe five or six drawers?  There you go and that’s the show.

That was nice and see, usually, if you can’t do that trick, you have to practice for at least a couple of days to get as far as he got in a couple of tries and it’s all about fair play.


In this article, I try hard to give you a better explanation of BMX bike flatland tricks. I hope this article helps you and gets you started in flatland.

At least if you enjoyed this article please leave a like and comment and if you want to learn more biking info you can visit OutdoorXsports and it’s a biking blog. You may also like to read the bike size chart, to know which one is better for you.

Protect children’s mental health on their return to school during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to everyday life, and children are being deeply affected by these changes. Although many children look forward to going back to school, others will feel nervous or scared. These tips will help your children’s mental health to manage some of the difficult emotions they may feel when they return to school.

My son is afraid to go back to school. How can I help you to be calm?

impact on mental health

The beginning of school or a new academic year can be stressful under normal circumstances, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. You can help your child stay calm by having an open conversation about what is worrying him and letting him know that it is natural to be nervous.

Children may feel nervous or reluctant when they return to school, especially if they have been studying at home for months. Be honest: for example, you could explain some of the changes that can be found at school, such as the need to wear some type of protection, such as a mask.

Additionally, children can also find it difficult to maintain physical distance from their friends and teachers at school, so you can encourage them to think of other ways to bond and stay connected with them.

Reassure your child by talking about the safety measures that have been put in place to help take care of the mental health of students and teachers, and remind him or her that he or she can also help prevent the spread of germs by washing their hands with soap and coughing or sneezing into the elbow.

Remind your child of the positives; for example, that he will be able to see his friends and his teachers (if he returns to school in person) and that he will continue to learn new things.

At my son’s school, they recommend that students wear protective clothing, and that is making him more nervous. What should I tell you?

Approach the conversation with empathy and tell him that you know that he is nervous and that it is healthy for him to talk about his concerns and his emotions. Children may feel upset or frustrated if they find it difficult to wear a mask. Try to reassure him that many adults are going out of their way to help protect their family, and emphasize that it is important that we all follow the recommended steps to care for one another, especially the most vulnerable members of our community.

How can I encourage my child to take precautions at school (like frequent hand washing) without alarming him?

Frequent hand washing is an important precaution to protect children (and all of us!) Not only from COVID-19, but against other diseases as well. Encouraging frequent hand washing with your kids doesn’t have to be a scary conversation. You can sing your favorite song together or dance to make learning fun. Don’t forget to teach her that although germs are invisible, that doesn’t mean they aren’t present. When children understand why they should wash their hands, they are more likely to keep doing it.

You can also teach your child to cover their coughs or sneezes with their elbow and ask them to let you know if they start to feel like they have a fever, cough, or trouble breathing.

My son will not be in the same group as his friends when he goes back to school and that makes him feel even more isolated. How can you feel more connected to the class and to your friends?

If the return to school begins gradually, your child may feel nervous about being separated from his friends. When the official reopening of schools is announced, help him prepare to return by explaining when and how it will happen.

Notifying your children in advance that schools may have to close again will help them prepare ahead of time for the adjustment period. It is also important to keep reminding them that education can take place anywhere: at home and at school.

For those with access to the internet, provided it is done safely and under supervision. The uses of virtual games, social media, and video conferencing programs can offer children excellent opportunities to maintain contact, to learn. And play with their friends, your parents, and your family while at home. You can also encourage your children to express themselves online to share their opinions and help those in need during this crisis.

You can encourage your children to take advantage of digital tools. That keep them awake and active, such as virtual exercise videos for children or video games that require physical movement. As much as possible, don’t forget to keep a balance between virtual leisure and activities. That doesn’t require an internet connection, such as spending time outdoors.

How can I check how my child is feeling in a delicate way?

It is important that you be calm and proactive in conversations with your children: communicate with them to see how they are feeling. Their emotions will change frequently and you must show them that it is normal.

Whether at school or at home, caregivers can offer children creative activities, such as playing and drawing, to help them express themselves and communicate any negative feelings they may have in a safe and secure environment. This will help them find positive ways to express complex feelings, such as anger, fear, or sadness.

Since children copy their emotions from the adults who are closest to them. It is important that these adults control their own emotions well and remain calm, listen to children’s concerns, speak to them with kindness and reassure them.

Are there any symptoms I should look out for when my child returns to school?

In addition to monitoring your child’s learning and physical health when he returns to school. You should also watch out for any symptoms of stress or anxiety. COVID-19 could be affecting your child’s mental health. And it is important that you show him that it is normal. And that nothing is wrong if he feels overwhelmed at times. When in doubt, empathy and support are always the best options.

On the other hand, cases of stigmatization and harassment when children return to school. Derived from the transmission of misinformation about COVID-19, are a cause for concern. You should explain to your children that the virus has nothing to do with a person’s appearance, origin, or language. If they have been insulted or harassed at school, they should be encouraged to tell a trusted adult. Remind your children that everyone deserves to be safe at school and on the internet. Bullying is always wrong and we should all do our part to spread kindness and support each other.

My son is concerned about bullying at school and on the internet. How can I broach the subject?

If your child is concerned about bullying in person or online. It is important that you assure him that he is not alone. And that he can always talk to you or another trusted adult. The more you talk to your children about bullying, the more comfortable they will feel. Talk to them on a daily basis. Ask them how they have been doing in school and in their online activities. And take an interest in their feelings. Some children may not express their emotions verbally. So you should be vigilant for any nervous or aggressive behavior that could indicate something is wrong.

Also, you should have open and honest conversations with your children. Make them understand the bad impact of the internet on mental health and how to be safe online. Talk to them to find out who they are communicating with and how. Make sure they understand the value of kind and understanding communication. And that means, discriminatory, or inappropriate treatment is never acceptable. If your children receive such treatment, encourage them to immediately tell you or another trusted adult. Pay attention to perceive if your child is introverted or disgusted. Check if he uses his device more or less than normal since they could be symptoms that he is being bullied online.

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9 key tips to always staying in shape

Staying in shape is not complicated. The difficult thing is to abandon bad habits and change our routine to prioritize our health. This means stopping eating unhealthy foods, dedicating a few minutes to physical activity. And leaving behind any elements that may break an optimal system.

This time we decided to list a few basic tips that show that it is not too difficult to get used to exercising (and that you do not need to do much to stay in shape or see results ). In the same way, they will serve to see exercise not as something impossible to follow, but as something accessible that we can integrate into our daily lives.

Don’t Get Off To A Full Start

Imagine that you are looking for a routine to lose weight, but it requires high-intensity movements for long periods. It is hardly going to be achieved, and failing will only make you feel unmotivated and think that you can’t do it. Try starting with light versions of the routines or with fewer repetitions so you don’t strain your body too much and get used to it.

Don’t Aim So High

Continuing with the previous idea, perhaps we can think that we want to lose a large amount of weight in a short time. It is possible, but it is better if we work on short goals to focus on immediate work. In this way, we are finding motivation step by step. If you want to lose 10Kg, first focus on the first kilo and keep setting goals until you reach the end.

Don’t See Exercise As Work

Or else it will feel that way, and it’s easy to give up something you don’t like. Although, of course, we must do it to achieve our goals. It is better if we focus on the positive aspects that it can give us. Such as the fact that it gives us more energy, makes us feel better about our body.  And will eventually help us to keep staying in shape. or lose weight. In the same way, it can help to socialize with other people (and when you can, do not leave out the races).

Nor do we say that you have to fall in love with it, but see it as an activity that can bring some benefits.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Men are often uncomfortable asking for advice or help from other people in the gym. But if you get the chance, go for it. Many will be open to telling you about their methods and you might find routines or exercises that go more with you.

Just Walk

walking for staying in shape

Walking is one of the best exercises we can do and integrating it into daily life can do a lot for us to keep us fit. In fact, if we are in shape and do not want to gain weight (while we have a balanced diet). It can be the simplest and most ideal exercise. Low-intensity aerobic is important to maintain good health.

Don’t Neglect Your Diet

It is a classic to have the idea that if you exercise “you can afford” eating things that we would not consider healthy. However, if we really want changes after several weeks in the Gym, it is necessary to change our diet, particularly if we want to lose weight.

And while the idea of ​​following some recommended diets may be irresistible. There is nothing better than a nutritionist who can help create a plan based on your needs and your body. Likewise, some trainers specialize in diet too, so you can find a good one and make sure you see results.

Find A Time Plan

Many times we do not exercise because we think we do not have time. Between the office and perhaps some household or family chores. We may not see a place for ourselves and spend time exercising. Although it can be difficult, creating a plan and prioritizing exercise as a base habit in our routine can help. Maybe you have to risk something like waking up a little earlier, however, if we consider the benefits, we will know that it is a priority.

It’s not about obsessing over or leaving other parts of your life either, but if you can find at least 30 minutes a day, you will have a breakthrough.

Don’t Think You Have To Go To A Gym

In addition to the above, although the gym is ideal for some, exercising at home can be effective. Similarly, to keep always staying in shape without gaining muscle, a home routine is enough to stay healthy.

Don’t Stick With A Routine If It Doesn’t Work

If a routine promised results in a month and you can’t see it, think about what you can change. It may be a food issue, but if you think you can handle more or need other exercises. Feel free to change it. Even if you have a coach, you can tell him that you don’t feel comfortable. And that you require something different.


Do we healthcare professionals take care of our sleep? Scientific evidence

Healthcare professionals tend to neglect sleep, as well as other self-care activities. Generally in the interest of caring for others before themselves. In fact, in terms of sleep disorders, it is estimated that the prevalence among doctors and nurses is around 40%. Data prior to the COVID-19 pandemic during which, as we highlighted in a previous post. There was a general reduction in the quality and quantity of hours of sleep in this group.

The most frequent sleep disorders among health professionals have to do with chronic insomnia. Sleep-wake rhythm disturbances and may also have to do with self-medication with sedatives and hypnotics, which is not uncommon in these professionals due to their easy accessibility and knowledge.

healthcare professionals recommendations

The etiology of these disorders is complex, but the factors involved feed into each other, since work overload, sustained stress, work shifts, shifts, or difficulties in reconciling personal and work-life end up deteriorating quality and amount of sleep, but they also increase vulnerability to professional burnout (or burnout ) and can lead to mental claudication leading to mental disorders, most of the anxiety-depressive spectrum.

Unfortunately, many of these disorders, paradoxical as they may be, can go undiagnosed and undiagnosed among healthcare professionals.

Hence the importance of remembering some general advice, most of them proposed by the World Sleep Society, related to sleep hygiene and that should be integrated into the culture of promoting the care of health workers both at the institutional level and at the personal level :


  • Establish a regular bedtime and wake-up time.
  • If you usually nap, avoid exceeding 45 minutes of daytime sleep. In fact, naps of between 20 to 45 minutes can help health professionals increase and restore your brainpower and well-being.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol 4 hours before bedtime, and don’t smoke.
  • Don’t abuse stimulants (including coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks, and chocolate), and avoid consuming them at least 6 hours before bed.
  • Avoid smoking, as well as the use of psychoactive substances.
  • Try not to eat foods that are heavy, spicy, or high in sugar for at least 4 hours before going to bed. Ideally, dinners should not be copious and contain healthy and easily digestible foods.
  • Exercise regularly, but better not before bed.
  • Wear comfortable and cozy bedding.
  • Your room should be well ventilated, have a comfortable temperature, and have a comfortable bed.
  • Avoid noise as much as possible and reduce the amount of light in your bedroom as much as possible.
  • Reserve your bed for sleep and sex, but don’t use it for work or play.
  • Avoid watching television or using electronic devices before bed, and don’t sleep with them next to your bed either.


With regard to healthcare professionals exposed to correction situations, some useful recommendations for workers and institutions can be:


  • Rotations should be every 2-3 days or every 3-4 weeks.
  • Rotations can be done in two directions, one “natural” (morning-afternoon-night) and one “inverse” (night-afternoon-morning). Since there is no consensus in the scientific evidence on whether one is better than the other.
  • Limit shifts to 12 hours including overtime or 8 hours if they are night shifts and/or the work is demanding, monotonous, dangerous, or safety-critical.
  • Get two nights of full sleep when changing in the morning after the night shift.


And, as for the guards, both 12 and 24 hours:


  • Before the watch: it is necessary to have a good sleep routine the day before the watch, according to the general advice mentioned above.
  • During the watch: in the night watch, it can help to take breaks with naps of 15 or 20 minutes.


After shifts:


  • It is necessary to sleep at least two hours to reestablish the sleep routine and try to go to sleep at the usual time on the day that you go off duty so as not to alter your own circadian rhythm.


If, in any case, even applying these general or more specific measures of sleep care, you find that the quantity or quality of sleep has deteriorated, it is recommended that you avoid self-medication and that you consult your doctor or a specialist in a consultation regulated (not informal or corridor) in order to assess the need to study the problem in-depth and to be able to design an appropriate strategy to address it.


Charles Bonnet syndrome

Of all our senses, probably the most important is sight. Our whole world is shaped by our ability to perceive the environment through images. For this reason, vision-related diseases are particularly worrying and every year a lot of resources and energy are dedicated to their prevention and treatment. We already know many of these diseases; problems such as myopia, astigmatism, and cataracts are quite common. However, many other vision disorders are not as well known. Among them, one of the most unique is the Charles Bonnet syndrome.

In this article, we will find out what Charles Bonnet syndrome consists of, but we will also analyze everything we know to date about its causes and the different interventions that have been developed to remedy it.

What is Charles Bonnet Syndrome?

This vision disorder is one of the least known and understood among all those that exist. It is characterized by the onset of visual hallucinations in subjects who are experiencing a decline in vision.

In general, therefore, it occurs in patients with problems such as cataracts or glaucoma; or in those who have suffered from problems in the visual areas of the brain.

The hallucinations that occur in Charles Bonnet syndrome are very vivid and realistic. However, unlike other disorders in which similar situations arise, patients know perfectly well that what they are seeing is not real. This is why it differs from problems such as schizophrenia or the consumption of toxic substances.

Hallucinations appear in people whose only health problem is with their vision. To diagnose Charles Bonnet syndrome, it is necessary to have ruled out the presence of dementia, mental disorders, or any type of intoxication. In addition, vision problems occur mainly in the elderly and, therefore, this disorder is particularly common in this segment of the population.

Characteristics of hallucinations

Hallucinations caused by Charles Bonnet syndrome are very varied. However, they share several characteristics in common:

  • When they occur, the subject is perfectly aware of what is happening. He knows what he is seeing is not real.
  • Hallucinations merge with normal perceptions. Instead of completely replacing reality, the images overlap what one would see in the absence of the disturbance.
  • They appear and disappear randomly. Consequently, it is very difficult to identify a clear cause for the changes or determine an underlying trend.
  • Patients often experience surprise, but they are rarely afraid of what they see.
  • They tend to occur in stressful situations or when there is sensory overload or a lack of major stimulation.
  • They present themselves more vividly than in reality. While the rest appear confused, the hallucinations are seen very clearly. This is because Charles Bonnet syndrome appears only in people with visual defects.

Causes and treatment

Medicine is not yet able to explain exactly why Charles Bonnet syndrome occurs. It has not been possible to find a single cause that allows us to understand the reason for the hallucinations. Nonetheless, various theories try to shed some light on this disorder.

The most accepted to date is the so-called neuronal deafferentation theory. According to its proponents, this syndrome appears because the neurons in the brain have stopped receiving the levels of stimulation they were used to. As a result, they would become much more sensitive to all external stimuli and, in some cases, might even make their own.

As for the treatment, no drug is totally effective against this vision disorder. For this reason, doctors generally cope with the syndrome more palliative than curative.

On the one hand, the primary task of the healthcare professional is to inform the patient about what is happening to him. We consider that many of them may experience distress when they begin to perceive a parallel reality. Therefore, the doctor must explain that it is a vision disorder and that, by keeping it under control, the risks can be minimized.

After that, the most common approach is to try to resolve the vision disorder. In most cases, it has been shown that operating the patient to restore some of his visual acuity makes the hallucinations disappear.

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Does coconut oil help with cellulite and stretch marks?

Cellulite is a problem that affects most women. Those that gain weight more easily are more at risk than those that maintain more or less the same weight. Even if a genetic factor is not excluded, a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet do not help to solve the problem. Its real name is edematous fibro sclerotic radiculopathy and is generated by an abnormality of the dermis. This factor depends on the increase in the volume of adipocytes, cells that form fatty tissue. When the orange peel skin begins to appear before the age of twenty, you still have time.

Does coconut oil help with cellulite and stretch marks? Therefore there is no need to resort to the cosmetic surgeon and to make drastic decisions. To combat cellulite, it is necessary to introduce a targeted diet, avoiding fatty and swelling foods. It is also essential to exercise and use specific natural products. One of the most suitable is coconut oil, a plant substance extracted from coconut.

Does coconut oil help with cellulite and stretch marks?

Yes, let’s see how to use it:

  • Water
  • Coconut oil
  • Pineapple
  • Coffee grounds
  • Brown sugar
  • Bowl
  • Round bath brush

Prepare a drink

One of the ways to fight cellulite is to make a drink with coconut oil. To get the most, it is best to drink it or consume it with meals. Another piece of advice is to use the organic one, even if the two versions are identical from the nutritional point of view. Otherwise, use coconut water which is obtained from the green walnut, before ripening. You mix it with pineapple or mango juice and drink it in the afternoon or the morning. Compared to milk, it is lighter. But it is still rich in potassium and all those substances that help prevent cellulite blemishes. A useful way to counter it and prevent it. It doesn’t completely solve the problem, but it helps you get better.

Prepare a scrub

Alongside healthy eating habits, natural cosmetics can do a lot thanks to substances that promote fat metabolism. The latter prevent its accumulation, and meanwhile drain the liquids and consequently slim down. The different formulations on the market are gel, cream, and scrub. So to combat cellulite, you can prepare an anti-cellulite scrub with coconut oil. To do this, put two tablespoons of coconut oil, one of brown sugar, and coffee grounds in a bowl. Mix the mixture with a teaspoon and apply it to the part of the body to be treated. Let it sit for five minutes. Massage the part and rinse with water. The most practical method is to scrub while showering.

Prepare an invigorating oil

You can prepare an invigorating oil with coconut oil. To start, add three tablespoons of coconut oil and mix them with the juice of a lemon or orange. Mix the mixture and apply it to clean skin. Massage the part, make circular movements to absorb the substance. The technique is performed by pressing the skin on the lymphatic circulation.

For this reason, the operator must know how to move his hands. The manipulation serves to lead the lymph to the nearest lymphatic channel affected by cellulite. When the problem reaches its peak, these treatments and others help people physically and psychologically. In addition to counteracting cellulite, it helps improve the microcirculation of tired legs. Once you put into practice the good daily habits and these little treatments, most of all, it is essential to feel good in your body and accept yourself as you are. This is the best attitude to face the dreaded swimsuit test with serenity.

When using the tonic or cream, always apply them with a long massage done with slow and circular movements. Starting from the bottom up. The supply of water and vitamins favors the elimination of toxins from the body.

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Can you sleep with tampons?

Tampons and pads are two of the most used methods of intimate hygiene during menstruation. Both are safe and their use depends on the preferences of each woman. Undoubtedly, due to its discretion, one of the advantages of tampons is their comfort, especially when playing sports, bathing in the sea or the pool, or simply wearing tight clothing.

Today’s tampons are easy to insert and remove and it is easy to forget about them for hours due to their high absorption capacity and total comfort. Wearing a tampon for a considerable period does not imply, in principle, any danger, but some doubts may arise. Can you sleep with tampons? How often should I change it? What could happen if I don’t? If you are one of those who prefer a tampon to compresses, we clear up all your doubts in this article.

Can you sleep with tampons?

Although many women prefer to sleep with a compress that allows the flow of menstrual more easily, others choose the tampon even during the night. There are no studies or tests that indicate that, as a rule, using tampons while you sleep poses a health risk, provided that proper intimate hygiene is followed and that the tampon is changed frequently.

Tampons are mainly made of cotton and synthetic fibers with a high absorption capacity. If you have an allergy to any of them, logically, you should avoid their use.

Going to bed with the correct tampon for your vaginal discharge is also important, not only for comfort and safety in avoiding leaks and stains but also because a tampon that does not absorb enough could cause excessive moisture in the vaginal area that could favor the appearance of bacteria and, with them, possible infections. In the opposite case, a tampon that absorbs more than necessary in the face of little menstrual flow could contribute to the development of minor irritations or even vaginal dryness.

If you sleep with a tampon, you must check that you have inserted it correctly. Therefore, it will not cause any discomfort because if it is incorrectly placed during the hours of sleep, it could cause irritation or some slight damage in the delicate intimate area.

If you do not have your period, you should never use tampons to sleep (as a precaution) or if you are suffering from any urinary or vaginal infection.

With due precautions and as long as your gynecologist does not tell you otherwise, it does not hurt to sleep with tampons for a short period.

How long can a tampon be worn?

How often to change the tampon is a very common question when starting to use tampons. The time of use of a tampon is limited and the different manufacturers of this hygiene product agree that it should not be worn for more than 7 – 8 hours. This is the problem posed by sleeping with him because, if it is a nap of a few hours, there would be no problem, but if we are talking about a long and placid night of more than eight hours of sleep, the tampon would not be fulfilling its function and it would be essential to change it.

In reality, knowing exactly how long a tampon lasts will depend on different factors, but as a general idea, it can be said that its average use time ranges between 3 and 6 hours. The ideal is to change it every 4. As we have said, some factors influence the fact of changing it more or less frequently, mainly the amount of flow you have on each of the days that the rule lasts.

Is Tampon Toxic Shock Syndrome Real?

The syndrome of toxic shock (TSS) is a real, serious, and rare condition that it is important to clarify that it is not always related, necessarily, with tampon use.

It is an infection that can be caused by certain bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes. In specific cases, these bacteria, in contact with the mucous membranes (not only the vaginal ones), can generate dangerous toxins that the immune system will try to fight off.

A tampon used for an excessive time can become an element that favors the proliferation of these bacteria, but it must be emphasized that it would be an exceptional situation. For toxic shock to develop, a series of conditions would have to occur, such as inadequate intimate hygiene, a previous infection, a weakened immune system, or some type of poor health. Suppose to all this is added an inappropriate tampon to the existing menstrual flow that, in addition, has remained in the vaginal canal for longer than advisable. In that case, this could make you an even stronger risk factor for the development of bacterial infection.

Sudden high fever, vomiting, severe headaches, or a sudden drop in blood pressure are some of the symptoms of this disease that need urgent and immediate medical attention. Generally, are treated satisfactorily with antibiotics.

In summary, it can be said that toxic shock syndrome is real, and several causes can trigger it. Although there have been cases in which the inappropriate and prolonged use of tampons in excess has influenced the development of the infection, it is not always linked to tampons. Changing it frequently is a basic measure of hygiene and prevention when it comes to avoiding any risk of toxic shock.

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Five ways to increase your testosterone naturally

Testosterone is a hormone that has a large number of functions in the body, such as increasing bone mineral density, developing the proper sexual function, or increasing muscle tissue.

The problem is that today many of the bad habits that we have been adopting have caused the testosterone levels of many men (and also, those of many women) to drop, leading to metabolic problems. Although the ideal would be for a professional to assess your personal case, you may consider putting these five guidelines into practice if your intention is to increase your testosterone levels.

Try to reduce your stress

Stress is one of our greatest enemies if we want to keep our testosterone levels high, since undergoing stress increases our cortisol, and with this decreases testosterone.

In addition, cortisol can increase our visceral fat (which can compromise the function of many organs) among other negative effects. Coping with stress can be a good way to get your hormones back in order.

Pay attention to zinc and vitamin D

Athletes with low levels of zinc and vitamin D have been seen on many occasions to increase their testosterone levels by supplementing with these two micronutrients.

In any case, keep in mind that if you are not deficient in zinc or vitamin D, it is most likely that you will not benefit from consuming foods or supplements rich in them.

Get enough sleep and sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as your own diet and training, and in fact, it is not only important that you get enough sleep, it is also important that you do it well.

It is convenient that you sleep at least seven hours a day, in addition to that it can be very positive that you eliminate all sources of light a few hours before going to sleep and that you keep your room at a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees.

Beware of caloric deficits

If you intend to lose fat it is essential that you are creating a caloric deficit in your diet , but if this deficit is too long or too aggressive, the negative effects on your health will be many and very marked.

In fact, in this situation it is normal for our body to compromise reproductive function, thus reducing testosterone levels.

A caloric deficit of 20 or even up to 25% (of our maintenance calories) at most in cases of very marked overweight or even obesity is enough to promote this fat loss.

Train at high intensity

High-intensity exercise, and strength training, in particular, is one of the best things we can do if we want to increase our testosterone.

In fact, in obese men, evidence suggests that increased physical activity is even better for raising testosterone than a diet focused on weight loss.

In particular, multi-joint exercises such as the bench press, chin-up, squat, or deadlift can also be positive when it comes to testosterone levels, but remember to also get enough rest to compensate for the high intensity.

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Buffalo hump: how to remove it and exercises

Have you got a kind of bump in the neck area and you don’t know what it can be? This physical condition is called cervical kyphosis, although it is also commonly known as a buffalo hump. This problem is a curvature that occurs in the spine caused by an accumulation of fat in the back of the neck.

The hump on the neck is not a serious disease. Still, it can cause both discomfort and discomfort when performing certain movements and a physical complex due to its appearance, which is why we must find a way to correct this problem. Although cosmetic surgeries are to eliminate localized fat in this area, we can also opt for a series of exercises to reduce the hump more economically and naturally. Keep reading this article to explain more about the buffalo hump: how to eliminate it and exercises.

What is the buffalo hump and what are its causes

As we have already anticipated, the buffalo hump, also called the widow’s hump or crook is a physical condition that is characterized by producing a curvature in the back due to an accumulation of fat in the back of the neck, which is why it receives the dorsocervical fat medical name. This condition can be confused with other diseases in which this type of curvature also occurs along the spine. It is the case of kyphoscoliosis. However, this hump is caused by other conditions such as osteoporosis, characterized by making the bones increasingly fragile until they end up fracturing.

How can we identify buffalo hump or dorsocervical fat?

The causes are decisive to detect if this hump is caused by an accumulation of fat in the neck. Therefore, below we will give you the main reasons that cause this physical condition:

Use of some medicines and treatments for HIV: one of its side effects is lipodystrophy, the accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body.

Hypercortisolism: it is a disorder that occurs when there are very high levels of the hormone cortisol.

Obesity: Obesity is a disease that significantly increases the risk of this condition appears.

Long-term use of certain glucocorticoid medications such as cortisone.

Genetic disorders: This factor can increase the likelihood of cervical kyphosis. If someone in your family has buffalo hump, you probably have it too.

Bad posture: an incorrect position can cause this hump in the neck.

How to remove buffalo hump: medical treatment

Can the hump be corrected in adults? Many people question this since the widow’s hump is not easy to correct and takes patience and effort.

Here are some tips and recommendations on how to remove a buffalo hump:

Physiotherapy sessions: if you suspect that the hump may come from poor posture in your case, it is best to go to a physiotherapist. This professional will recommend the best methods and sessions necessary to improve the back’s posture and thus correct, little by little, the widow’s hump.

Change of medication: as we said initially, many treatments have buffalo hump as a side effect. If you suspect that this is your case, consult your doctor about a possible change in medication or decrease the dose. Under no circumstances should you stop treatment without consulting a health professional beforehand, as this could seriously harm you.

Modify your diet: If your buffalo hump is due to an obesity problem or a poor diet, you should change your lifestyle and eating habits and reduce the calories in your meals. A loss of weight can be very beneficial in this case and could make the buckled neck disappear. In this case, it is best to put yourself in the hands of endocrinologists and nutritionists so that they can offer you a specific diet plan for your case.

Liposuction: Many people who cannot get rid of the hump with the above tips decide to undergo liposuction. This intervention consists of suctioning the fat from the area with a small cannula that is inserted into the lump through tiny incisions previously made. The result and improvement after the surgical procedure can be noticed immediately, but you must not forget that it is an operation, so the recovery can be a bit painful. If you bet on this solution, the safest thing is that the doctor in charge of operating will provide you with anti-inflammatories and/or analgesics so that the pain is not so annoying. You can return to normal life as soon as possible.

Exercises to remove buffalo hump

Although the widow’s hump can be eliminated with liposuction that removes all the fat located in the back of the neck, it is normal that some people cannot afford this treatment or do not want to undergo it since it is still cosmetic surgery. However, suppose you wonder how to eliminate buffalo hump without having to resort to liposuction. In that case, we will tell you that there is an alternative that consists of a series of physical exercises that will help you, little by little, to correct this physical condition. Read on and try the following exercises for the buffalo hump:

Exercise 1: chest lifts

First of all, you will have to lie on the floor on your back without any pillow or anything underneath.

Next, put your arms on the floor at a 45-degree angle and your palms up.

Try stretching your spine and then pressing your back against the floor.

Once you’re in this position, lift just your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades.

Keep your chest elevated for 10 seconds, then return to the starting position.

Perform 2 sets of 10 reps.

Exercise 2: pectoral stretch

In an open door, place your arms on each side.

When you are in this position, slowly stretch your chest until you are lower than the original position.

As you lower your chest, it is important to keep your shoulders flat and your head above your body.

Then return to the starting position slowly.

Perform 2 sets of 10 reps.

Exercise 3: arm raises

Stick your head, shoulders, pelvis, and heels against a wall.

Next, lift your arms by sliding them down the wall until they are at shoulder height. Then go back to the original posture.

You mustn’t tilt your head or lift your shoulders to avoid injury while doing the lifts.

Perform 2 sets of 10 reps.

Exercise 4: walk every day

Suppose the main cause of your hump is obesity. In that case, you must incorporate aerobic exercises such as walking into your daily routine, as these will help you both to lose weight and reduce localized fat in the neck. To achieve your goal, it is recommended that you walk at a medium pace and do it for at least half an hour every day.

If apart from the buffalo hump, you feel discomfort and often in various parts of the back, take a look at this article on Exercises for dorsal back pain: they will help you relieve tension and stretch the muscles.

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Although it is not the healthiest option when cooking food, there are people who are simply passionate about fried foods, since they have a crunchy texture and a somewhat different flavor, as well as having a characteristic golden appearance.

Sustainable food: what it is and how to achieve it

With industrialization, technological advances, globalization, and the capitalist market model, agricultural activity has taken a relevant turn, leaving behind more artisanal practices and promoting large-scale productive approaches. Such transformations characterize the growing tendencies of resource overexploitation that have pushed to the limit, never better said, the capacities of our planet. Taking into account the finiteness of natural resources and upward population growth trends. It is necessary to look for alternatives that lead us to sustainable life models in order to guarantee food for present and future generations.

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While the term diet in general, awakens a feeling that mixes laziness with illusion, fasting sounds to us, directly to something dangerous and very hard to carry out. Perhaps this is the reason why many start diets almost daily and few know in depth what it is about. intermittent fasting.

Ideas to follow the nutritional diet

The nutritional diet, as we explained in a recent topic in which we delved into it, is a concept created by Dr. Joel Furhman, father of this eating plan that is very similar to our Mediterranean diet.

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Today we are going to propose ideas to purify the liver naturally, thus reducing the risk of liver disease, raising the levels of antioxidant enzymes, and offering protection against harmful toxins. The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body and we need to purify it from time to time, taking into account that it has multiple functions such as purifying the blood, eliminating toxins, manufacturing bile, facilitating the absorption of certain nutrients. To keep it in good condition it is essential to maintain an adequate diet, limiting the intake of alcohol and certain medications. We will analyze it in more detail below.

How to avoid having swollen legs

Fluid retention, poor circulation, or high temperatures make us suffer from swollen legs. It is a very unpleasant and even painful sensation that affects us in our daily lives. The swelling of areas such as the legs, and even the feet and ankles, is called peripheral edema and is basically the increase in volume caused by the accumulation of water in muscles and tissues. It usually occurs after a long time of sitting or standing.

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Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial oils that we can find today. Coconut oil is one of the oils that has increased its popularity the most in recent years, due to the benefits it can bring us, and that we will explain below. This oil is extracted by pressing the pulp of the coconut, after having extracted the internal flesh of the fruit, obtaining an oily substance that is called coconut oil.

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